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Separate Account

2007-11-06 11:22:36 by cjstudios

This this account is being used by two people. Jamie and Charlie. Jamie is making a separate acount called JTricks. Look out for submissions from JTricks from now on.


2007-10-26 16:19:46 by cjstudios

We have already made a halloween movie about the EVIL PUMPKINS, and we are going to make more things about them. Including the next episode and the official EVIL PUMPKINS game.


cjMoves 2

2007-09-13 11:50:09 by cjstudios

It's finally finished! I hope that you all like it.

cjMoves 2


2007-09-12 14:17:55 by cjstudios

I am sorry for the delay on the next movie. I have been busy working on the game cjMoves 2.

New Movie

2007-09-06 11:42:15 by cjstudios

The new movie is called Marooned and hopefully it will be finished next week.